Herbs of Avalon is small, independent, off-grid and based on the ancient Isle of Glastonbury. Beautiful premium quality herbs and botanical products. Products are made often and in small batches.. Ingredients are locally and organically sourced where possible, and are of premium, therapeutic grade quality. Herbs are conscientiously gathered only from where they grow in profusion and plant allies always acknowledged and thanked.  Lunar and planetary resonances considered when gathering & during preparations.

Plants have much to teach us, and occupy a unique position as bridge between the kingdoms of Heaven and Earth. Their foliage participates in an alchemical dynamic dance ~ transforming cosmic rays into matter. Their roots embed themselves into the mother matrix, imbibing sustainance and partaking of the elements in their quiet meditative space.We feel that, through a deeper connection with the plant kingdom, we can forge a closer bond with the wider cosmos and begin to understand some of the subtler languages of nature.

Each plant species has its own individual personality & characteristics which includes 

it's behaviour and season, as well as its constituents and chemical synergies. Each plant has also evolved it's own mythos and non~physical (or supra~physical) correspondences resulting from many generations of human interaction. We are extremely fortunate to live in an era where the world's pharmacoepias are accessible. This is a unique opportunity for understanding & interaction between plants and animals and heralds the dawning of a new type of consciousness, one where we work with our allies as beings, rather than exploiting them as soul-less commodities.


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