• Allow yourself time to stop and slowly breathe in the healing fragrant vapours.  Creates an ideal reason to take a few minutes to yourself, clear the mind, 'reset' oneself, set intentions or whatever you need to focus on in order to regroup and relax.
    This facial steam is comprised of freshly wild-harvested and organically cultivated botanicals, harvested at their peak and carefully dried to retain their freshness.
    Promotes circulation, oxygenation and detoxification, and creates moments of deep and relaxed breathing, and time to just let go.  Replenishing botanicals for deep down pore purification and cellular hydration.
    Can be used once or twice per week to enhance your beauty routine and create some time off for yourself.  Follow with a Rhassoul Clay and Rose Water face mask for an in-depth cleanse. 

    Beautiful Wild & Organic Radiance - Facial Steam - Skin Detox - Blue Cornflower

    • Beautiful Radiance Wild and Organic Facial Steam

      Organic Fragrant Flowers to beautify the skin
      A radiant blend of organic botanicals chosen to work together to clarify, refine and hydrate your skin.  Calms and relaxes body and soul!

      Wild Marjoram flowers, Organic Hibiscus petals, Organic Blue Cornflowers, Organic Calendula flowers, Organic Lavender flowers, Organic Red Rose Petals,