in an Amber Glass Bottle


Locally and organically cultivated Stellaria media infused in organic cold-pressed sunflower seed oil.


Chickweed was praised by most medieval herbalists as an excellent anti-inflammatory medicinal herb. It is said to have been taken to North America by the Puritan immigrants. It is also found in Central and South America. Chickweed Poultices are still used to combat rheumatism by people who continue to use folk remedies and is widely used in Anti-Itching Creams by herbalists. It has cooling, soothing properties that relieves itching, promotes healing and is anti-rheumatic. Best known in its use for treating pruritus and itchy skin, it is also used to treat: eczema; acne; ulcers; haemorrhoids; varicose veins; psoriasis; inflammation; vaginitis; urticaria (hives, solar rashes, nettle rashes, etc); boils; wounds; abscesses; skin allergies; and other skin problems. It has cell~preliferating properties, useful in speeding up the healing process. Chickweed is a popular addition to herbal anti~itching creams, lotions and gels.

Organic Chickweed Infused Oil - Stellaria media

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    organic helianthus annus, organic stellaria media