ECZEMA ELIXIR - NUT-FREE FORMULA - Naturally Anti-Inflammatory - Soothes & Heals

Organic Eczema Elixir

100% Pure and Natural Plant Butters, Waxes and Oils. Nut-Free Formula

A super soothing blend of carefully selected botanicals, chosen for their unique anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, emollient and eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis soothing properties. 


Our herbal salves, balms and blends are all 100% natural, using the finest quality ingredients. Preparations are hand-made in small batches for optimum freshness. Organic Eczema Elixir contains no synthetic preservatives of any kind. Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

ECZEMA ELIXIR - NUT-FREE FORMULA - Naturally Anti-Inflammatory - Soothes & Heals


    organic cold pressed coconut oil, wild plantain infused organic oil, wild comfrey infused organic oil, organic chickweed infused oil, organic red clover infused oil, mango butter, organic apricot butter, organic calendula infused oil, raw organic beeswax, wild st john's wort organic oil, organic avocado oil, wild linden flower infused oil, wild self-heal infused oil, organic rosehip oil


    This is a 100% natural product and contains no preservatives of any kind.  We recommend that it is stored with the lid tightly closed, in a cool, dark place and used within six months.