Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soak Gift Set - 5 Different Herbal Soaks
  • Herbs of Avalon
    Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soak
    with Organic Herbs and Natural Salts
    Perfect for tired & aching feet!
    A selection of blends to soothe and relax the feet and ankles.
    Our feet are often the most neglected areas of our body, in terms of self-care, yet they are one of the most hard-working parts, and contain nineteen muscles and twenty six bones! Quite an intense amount of action in a relatively small area which bears our full weight constantly, and which receives little appreciation.  Our feet represent our foundation, where we are grounded, and our connection to the earth.  Nourish your groundedness and take time out to show some gratitude to your hard-working feet!
    The foot soaks contain Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate), a naturally occurring mineral which can boost your magnesium levels, and work to relax all those sore muscles, right at the area needed.
    Himalayan Salt is also part of the blend, one of the most ancient and beautiful of salts, containing 84 nutritional elements and works against fungus and bacteria, and boosts circulation.
    The gift box contains all 5 variations and comes with a free jar of our Tea Tree & Lavender Foot Balm which is perfect for a post-soak foot massage.
    Lavender - Refreshes & Relaxes Tired Feet
    Rose - Grounding and Fragrant
    Chamomile & Rose - Calms Sore & Swollen Feet
    Rosemary - Deodorising & Relieves Soreness
    Lavender, Rose, Chamomile & Rosemary - The Ultimate Soak!

    Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soak Gift Set - 5 Different Herbal Soaks

    • Tea Tree and Lavender Foot Balm 30ml

      A luxurious naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral foot balm to nourish and condition your feet.  Massaging the active Tea Tree balm into tired legs and aching feet will help soothe and energise them. Especially good after a long day.
      A powerful phyto-blend which can be used to treat and prevent various nail problems, athlete's foot, fungal problems, dry skin, cracked heels or simply to keep your tootsies in tip top condition!
      -    I  N  G  R  E  D  I  E  N  T  S    -
      organic hemp oil, organic unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic calendula oil,  candellia wax,  tea tree essential oil, organic lavender essential oil