Organic Hemp & Orange Blossom - Relaxing Beautiful Blend
  • Organic Hemp & Orange Blossom
    Herbal Tea Blend
    A beautifully fragrant and delicious way to unwind!
     A blend of organic hemp leaves and gorgeous orange blossom petals, one of our all-time most popular tea blends
    Most shop-bought and pre-packaged herbal teas have been on the shelf for a long time. The constituents of the herbs rapidly degrade after they have been chopped, and often resemble brown stalky dust. This tea is hand-chopped and blended in small batches, to ensure the freshest blend possible.



    Organic Hemp & Orange Blossom - Relaxing Beautiful Blend


      The sample size 9g pack comes with a re-useable teabag, the 25g & 50g packs comes with two. This is also available in an attractive amber apothecary glass jar which holds 50g, ideal for keeping the tea fresh, dry and protected from light, makes a lovely gift!

      Use 1-2 tsp per bag, cover and leave to steep for 5-10 mins


      organic cannabis sativa, citrus aurantium