Organic Beeswax
  • Our beautiful organic beeswax is prepared from raw beeswax in a fully certified organic and traditional process. The beeswax is filtered and then mixed with fuller's earth to remove further impurities.  

    In a conventional preparation of beeswax, a peroxide solution is then added to bleach the wax. Our organic beeswax has no peroxide added.

    Africa is an ideal source of Organic Beeswax, an ingredient in many natural cosmetics, paints, crayons etc. Beeswax from non organic hives has been found to accumulate residues of many pesticides and other products used to treat varroa mites that attack the bees. Our beeswax has no detected residues. There are many thousands of beekeepers in our producer groups so a large amount of organic beeswax is produced.

    Organic Beeswax

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      Beeswax is known to lock in moisture, foster cells, and protect skin from damaging environmental factors. Beeswax effectively softens skin and creates a long lasting protective coating against the elements. It also is a naturally nourishing moisturizer. Beeswax's anti~inflammatory, antibacterial, anti~allergenic, and germicidal antioxidant properties make it beneficial for wound healing. Even after processing, beeswax still remains a biologically active product, retaining anti~bacterial properties. It is also reported that beeswax contains some vitamin A, which is necessary for normal cell development.

      Common uses: Creams, Lipsticks, Lip Balms and salves, Perfume base, Candles

      Ingredients: 100% Bees wax

      Origin: Zambia and Cameroon

      Colour: Pale Yellow Cream

      Shelf life: 3 years