Organic Chickweed - Stellaria Media - 500g
  • OTHER NAMES:  Starweed, Star Chickweed, Starwort, Alsine media, Passerina, Adders tongue


    Mrs Grieve says, "The Chickweed is also an instance of what is termed the 'Sleep of Plants,' for every night the leaves approach each other, so that their upper surfaces fold over the tender buds of the new shoots, and the uppermost pair but one of the leaves at the end of the stalk are furnished with longer leafstalks than the others, so that they can close upon the terminating pair and protect the tip of the shoot." - this behaviour echoes the gentle protective nature of this lovely herbal ally beautifully!

    Organic Chickweed - Stellaria Media - 500g


      Healing, fertility, love, purification, lunar magic

      Chickweed is considered to be Yin in nature, and associated with the water element and it's planetary ruler is the moon

      Always consult a qualified herbalist before using herbs medicinally