20 ppm in a dark glass bottle
    Silver has been used medically throughout history, we know that Hippocrates discussed the use of silver for wounds; and according to Wikipedia, "At the beginning of the twentieth century surgeons routinely used silver sutures to reduce the risk of infection. In the early 20th century, physicians used silver-containing eyedrops to treat ophthalmic problems, for various infections, and sometimes internally for diseases such as tropical sprue, epilepsy, gonorrhea, and the common cold. During World War I, soldiers used silver leaf to treat infected wounds. Prior to the introduction of modern antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant."
    Colloidal silver can be effective in the treatment of skin conditions (including acne, eczema and psoriasis), wounds and burns.  It has been used for cuts, bites, grazes and stings, and can also serve as a silver poultice for conditions such as fungal infections.  In 2006, the NHS spent £25 million on silver-containing dressings.  Silver-containing dressings represent about 14% of the total dressings used and about 25% of the overall wound dressing costs.
    Silver is an excellent all-round disinfectant. Simply spray on work surfaces and wipe clean. Silver may also be used to disinfect all soft furnishings. Silver can also help to eliminate odours that are caused by micro-organisms, e.g. sweat.


    20 ppm of 99.999% pure silver as bioavailable microparticles colloidally suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade spring water.
    People with a silver allergy should not use this product. Keep tightly closed at room temperature away from areas of magnetic fields and out of the reach of children.



      Distilled water, 99.999% pure silver

      85% ions 15% particles