ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL - Persea gratissima
  • A 100% pure organic, cold-pressed Mexican Persea gratissima fruit oil which is rich and silky in texture and is moisturising and highly penetrative.

    Avocado Oil is a mild, nourishing, semi~fatty Oil, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, panthothenic acid, potassium, vitamin D, E, protein, lecithin and fatty acids, which have many healing and regenerative qualities.

    Great for more mature skin as well as dry skin, scalp and hair. The oil is easily absorbed into the deep tissue of the skin. The sterols within the oil have been shown to be effective as an ingredient for sun screen lotion and it is considered one of the best oils for blocking harmful UV rays.

    "A rather remarkable twofold approach towards relieving the itchy misery of psoriasis is by eating half of an avocado daily and applying chamomile flower extract to the skin. The oils in the avocado will work internally towards the surface of the skin, soothing deep muscle inflammation. The oils help the skin to literally repair itself from the damage done by psoriasis." Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs by John Heinerman
    According to Aubrey Hampton, author of Natural Organic Hair and Skin Care, long-term treatment with avocado oil helps relieve eczema.

    ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL - Persea gratissima


      This oil helps to protect the skin against infection as avocado sugars produce an antimicrobial layer over the skin. It is therefore effective in relieving the dryness and itching associated with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It is also effectve in accelerating the healing process in small cuts and bruises.Because of the avocado oil benefits for skin care, hair, and general health it is used in many products. Avocado oil can help reduce the chances of wrinkles, and subsequently aging. This is because it contains certain anti~oxidant agents that help boost collagen in the top layer of the skin. Collagen increases skin strength and elasticity.

      It is also rich is lecithin, a fatty acid that helps keep the skin soft and moisturised. Given its emollient properties, it is ideal for dry, damaged and dehydrated skin and acts well for the rejuvenation of the skin.

      One of the most important benefits of avocado oil is its use in hair care. Its texture is quite light which enables it to get easily soaked onto the skin and scalp. Using avocado oil for the hair can help with different hair related problems like dandruff, thinning hair, and hair fall. There are a lot of nutrients present in avocado oil which can benefit the health and growth of all types of hair, especially African American hair and dry hair. Some of the essential nutrients present are folic acid, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, E, and B6, which are all very important for hair nourishment and growth.


      This is a 100% natural product and contains no preservatives of any kind.  We recommend that it is stored with the lid tightly closed, in a cool, dark place and used within six months.