ST JOHN'S WORT HERBAL SALVE - Organic ointment to ease pain and soothe nerves
  • Wild St John's Wort Herbal Healing Salve

    (Vegan Formulation)


    Wild Harvested Hypericum perforatum flowering tops, solar-infused in organic olive oil, blended with South American candelilla wax, to create a compound useful for aches, pains and skin complaints.

    The sacred herb of St. John is a powerful midsummer herb. This special plant has a long history as a nervous system tonic, muscle rub and skin remedy and is well known as uplifting and deeply healing. This therapeutic plant ally has so many uses that you can sum it up by saying, "if it hurts, soothe it with St. Johns Wort"

    St John's wort is analgesic and anti~inflammatory, effective for sciatica and back pain, fibromyalgia, haemorrhoids, varicose veins, cramps, neuralgia and headaches; as well as for any rheumatic pain, aching joints and dropsy. Also used for bruises and sprains, insect bites, mild burns, inflammations, herpes (antiviral), ulcers and swellings.

    A Wonderful balm that has a natural ability to relax skin tension, rejuvenating and aiding the complexion. This high grade St. John's Wort salve is suitable for all skin types.

    ST JOHN'S WORT HERBAL SALVE - Organic ointment to ease pain and soothe nerves


      organic olea europaea, wild hypericum perforatum, euphorbia cerafera


      St. John’s wort is linked astrologically to the Sun, the planet that is associated with the sign Leo. In astrology, the Sun represents our true essence, the core of vitality that guides our lives. Leo characterizes joy, love and self-expression—the experience of living life to its fullest creative potential. The physical characteristics of St. John’s wort capture many qualities of Leo and the Sun. Leo’s position as the fifth sign of the zodiac is mirrored in the five petals of the St. John’s wort flower, and the flowers shine a brilliant solar yellow colour. On close examination of the leaves, you can perceive small perforations (the plant’s translucent glands), which appear as windows through which the Sun’s light shines. Its name hypercum is derived from the Greek that means 'over an apparition', a reference to the belief that it could ward off evil spirits. Keeping this herb in your garden will protect you from fairy trickery. Carrying a few stems of the foliage was an old way to avoid being "fairy-led", lost or confused.


      This is a 100% natural product and contains no preservatives of any kind.  We recommend that it is stored with the lid tightly closed, in a cool, dark place and used within six months.