Dreaming of a good night's Sleep?

Relax and calm body and mind with this special blend of soothing herbs ; skullcap, hops, wild lettuce, passion flower and valerian root infused in pure cold~pressed extra virgin organic olive fruit oil. Blended with candelilla wax and organic shea butter and lavender, valerian, chamomile and frankincense essential oils. A comforting & reassuring balm to help you unwind and enjoy a better nights sleep. Also helps with anxiety.

Apply to temples, pulse points, and soles of feet before bedtime. Especially effective after a warm bath which aids the absorption of the oils.

Prepared during the earth's slumber between the winter Solstice and Imbolc.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Balm - with Hops Skullcap Valerian Passionflower and Lavender