Dandelion Flower Infused Herbal Oil
  • Wild spring dandelion blossoms Infused in organic olive oil

    (Taraxacum officinale)


    Dandelion is humble, yet one of the most versatile healing herbs in the pharmacopeia.  It is also incredibly powerful, often despised or overlooked, and despite people's best efforts to remove it, it is one of the most widespread and successful medicinal plants.  


    The aroma evokes spring meadows!

    Dandelion Flower Infused Herbal Oil


      olea europaea, taraxacum officinale


      The Dandelion oil may also be used as an anointing oil, whenever resilience, intelligence and/or joyfulness is called for.

      The dandelion is masculine in action and associated with the planet Jupiter, the element of air and both Pisces and Sagittarius. It is also associated with any solar deity, Hecate, Brigid and Belenos.

      A tea of the flowers and leaves may be drunk to increase psychic ability while pouring boiling water over a bowlful of roots will aid in calling spirits.

      Make a wish and blow the seeds off a dandelion head!


      This is a 100% natural product and contains no preservatives of any kind.  We recommend that it is stored with the lid tightly closed, in a cool, dark place and used within 6-12 months