Wild Yarrow Herb (Achillea millefolium) 15g

Beautiful premium quality wild-harvested Achillea millefolium, which, as you can see from the pictures is top quality whole flowering herb, unlike the majority of dried yarrow available.

Great care has been taken to gather this herb at the height of it's power during August's waxing moon.

The herb is purported to be a diaphoretic, astringent, tonic, stimulant and mild aromatic. It contains isovaleric acid, salicylic acid, asparagin, sterols, flavonoids, bitters, tannins, and coumarins. The plant also has a long history as a powerful 'healing herb' used topically for wounds, cuts and abrasions. The genus name Achillea is derived from mythical Greek character, Achilles, who reportedly carried it with his army to treat battle wounds.

Yarrow has also been used as a food, and was very popular as a vegetable in the 17th century. The younger leaves are said to be a pleasant leaf vegetable when cooked as spinach, or in a soup. Yarrow is sweet with a slight bitter taste. The leaves can also be dried and used as a herb in cooking.

A. millefolium has seen historical use as a medicine, often because of its astringent effects. Decoctions have been used to treat inflammations, such as hemorrhoids, and headaches. Confusingly, it has been said to both stop bleeding and promote it. (Depending on the form it is administered, it can do both, which is why when dabbling in using herbs for medicine it is proper to contact a herbalist or other expert.

Yarrow is believed to intensify the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it, and help eliminate toxins from the body.

Wild Yarrow Herb (Achillea millefolium) 15g


    Yarrow is a feminine herb ruled by the element of air snd the planet Venus.

    As an Air herb, it is particularly useful in spells and rituals done aloud - so that the words can be carried on the air. Any herb under the influence of Venus makes for a potent love herb for spells and rituals, and Yarrow is no exception.
    When drunk as a tea, Yarrow is said to increase psychic powers and powers of perception.
    Use Yarrow flowers in love sachets and charms. Place Yarrow flowers under your pillow before sleep and your lover will appear in your dreams. Hang flowers over your bridal bed to ensure love that lasts at least 7 years. Use Yarrow in spells and rituals to draw the attention of long lost friends or lovers. Yarrow is a well known protection and purification herb. Carried in the hand it is believed to ward off fear. Try carrying in a silk or velvet bag when going to a job interview or making a speech to reduce anxiety. Carried in a pocket or purse, Yarrow reverses negativity and protects from hexes. Add to the bath to protect from evil or harm. Throw Yarrow flowers across the threshold to protect the house from evil. Tie to an infant's cradle for protection from harmful forces.
    Yarrow sticks (dried Yarrow stems) were used by the ancients for I Ching divination for centuries. Yarrow was considered a spiritual plant that was highly suitable for for this purpose. Sadly in modern times, coins have largely replaced Yarrow Sticks for this type of divination.

    In rare cases, yarrow can cause severe allergic skin rashes; prolonged use can increase the skin's photosensitivity.

    Always consult a professional before using a herb medicinally.